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Established in the year 1998, Shri Maa Group (SMG) is a highly diversified multi-million dollar conglomerate with its roots into sales, distribution, and trading of polymer resins, FIBC bags, and of consumer products such as mobile handset devices, fast moving consumer goods, and pharma.
We vertically integrate the supply chain of FIBC bags by supplying top quality polymer resins and by having our full-time employees located at various FIBC manufacturing sites to ensure that manufacturers maintain stringent quality standards, optimal material management processes, and on-time production schedules. In addition to managing the total manufacturing process and global supply chain, SMG also offers a full suite of support, design, technical, and logistics services.

FIBC Product Catalog

FIBC stands for flexible intermediate bulk containers. These are industrial containers manufactured from flexible fabric or woven plastic fibres. FIBC bulk bags are designed for carrying and moving fine and dry products. We accept 100% customisation of the bags and will work with you to come up with the most efficient design based on your needs.


Primarily used to store construction material, Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceuticals.


UN Bags are designed to carry hazardous products and their use is regulated by the UN association commonly know as Orange Book.


These bags are more cost-effective than the 4 Loop Bags. These bags find their usage primarily in the agricultural sector and for storing powders, minerals.


These bags are specifically designed to store food items. The ventilated fabric permits the required airflow through the fabric into the bag, thus preventing any spoilage due to moisture and mold build-up.


Type C Bulk bags are electrically conductive bags (or groundable bags.) They are constructed from fabrics with interconnected conductive threads. These bags must be electrically grounded during the filling and emptying process to ensure safe use


A Baffle Bag has pieces of fabric or other material sewn across each corner of a tubular or 4-Panel bag to improve a bag's squareness, appearance, improve the stability of the load and to more efficiently utilize storage or shipping space.

Bag Construction Types

4-Panel bags are constructed with five main body components (4 side Panels + Base). When filled, a 4- Panel bag will hold its square shape similar to other construction types. Typically, 4-panel bags will hold their shape better than the U-panel bags,
and U-panel bags will hold their shape better than a Circular bag. 4- Panel baffled bags are very common bag style.


U-Panel bags are constructed with three main body components – one that runs the full length of the bag forming the bottom and two sides (the “U”) and two additional pieces of fabric sewn between the U on two sides (the “Panel”).
Generally, U-panel bags maintains a square shape when filled, especially with the addition of internal baffles. U-panel bags are an industry standard and the most popular type of construction.

Circular (Tubular)

Circular (Tubular) bags are constructed with two main body components (body tube + base). The body tube is made with seamless tubular fabric that forms all sides of the bag allowing for stitching only for the top and base of the bag. They are not truly circular; they are simply constructed with a single piece of fabric that forms all four sides of the bag.


Baffles are an internal component that can be added to a U-Panel, 4-Panel, or Circular style bag. More specifically, baffles are fabric panels or strings sewn inside each of the bag’s four corners that allow a bag to maintain a square shape when filled. Baffled bags are ideal due to their stability and stackability. They also improve overall storage capacity. The most common type of baffled bag is a 4-Panel baffled bag.

Filling & Discharge Options
  • Cross-Corner Loops


  • Side-Seam Loops


  • Sleeve Lift


  • Hood Lift


  • Ancillary Loops


  • Double Stevedore Straps


  • Single Stevedore Strap


PP Leno Bags

Leno bags are excellent for packing & preserving material for vegetables like potato, onion, ginger, garlic, cabbage etc. and fruits like pineapple, citrus fruits, raw mango, coconut etc.

Widths between 20cm to 72cm - length also varies as per the customer's requirements.

Available in a wide range of color.

Superior aesthetics, excellent mechanical properties, Chemically Inert, Ease in handling & storage, Reuse & recyclable and cost effective.

PP Woven Sacks

Small Bags: store small loose items such as, nuts, bolts washers, etc. 12"x18" | 18"x24"

Medium Bags: stores aggregates, coal, seed waste paper, shellfish, animal feed, etc.
20"x32" | 20"x36" | 24"x36" | 24“x40"

Large Bags: stores lightweight bulky items such as, clothing, shoes, plastic, rugs, coat hangers, etc. 30"x40" | 30"x45" | 28"x56" | 31“x59""

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Shri Maa impressed me with their quick response and quick delivery. I am a customer for life now.

Tom Hunt

I do not even have to quality check when I order from Shri Maa. Glad to have them as a partner.

Luke Johnson

Shri Maa has impressed me with their products at every turn. They are the long term partners everyone should look for.

Sam Zhang

A friend of mine recommended that I contact Shri Maa for FIBC bags. They definitely lived up to the hype.

Jason Zuñiga

Shri Maa has been a dynamic partner to work with.

Peter Bolt

The best quality and best prices.

James Corn
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